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Twitter: @lucine_zhong

Lu Zhong

I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher Associate in the Department of Computer Science and Network Science and Technology Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I obtained my Ph.D. degree in Data Science at the City University of Hong Kong in 2019. My expertise lies at the nexus of data science and network science, with a specialized focus on modeling epidemiology dynamics, healthcare system resilience/sustainability in response to disasters, and health inequality. Through a combination of data-driven modeling (Big Data/ML/AI) with network science theory, my work contributes evidence for informing public policies and disaster response strategies, offering computational solutions to manage real-world public health challenges.


My research is in collaboration with Cuebiq and the COVID-19 Research Database. Notably, I have been awarded the COVID-19 Research Accelerator Grants from the Bill & Melinda GatesI am also the referee for Journals like IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems, Nature Communications Physics, and Scientific Reports.

Research Interests

  • Network Science

  • Network Epidemiology

  • Health Inequality

  • Health System Resilience 

  • AI for System Resilience

Related website

  • 2024/05. New paper accepted in Nature MedicineHealthcare System Resilience and Adaptability to Pandemic Disruptions in the United States. Also, check our result dashboard

  • 2024/03. Lu and student Dimitri gave talks for the conference NERCCS 2024.

  • 2023/10. Lu gave a talk at the 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting on system resilience.

  • 2023/01. Check the special issue "Dynamics of Complex Networks" in Journal Entropy organized by Dr. Jianxi Gao, Dr. Lu Zhong, Dr. Bolesław Szymański, Dr. Xueming Liu.

  • 2022/12. Student James joined our project on the supply chain network.

  • 2022/10. Lu submitted her NIH K99/R00 application. 2023/03. Impact score top 40%. Many thanks to the advisory committee and all referees.

  • 2022/06. Undergraduate students Dimitri and Tarun joined our project on the healthcare system.

  • 2022/05. Lu participates in the Amazon AWS immersion training hosted by the Eshelman Institute, UNC.

  • 2022/05. New paper published in Humanities & Social Sciences CommunicationsVaccination and three non-pharmaceutical interventions determine the dynamics of COVID-19 at 381 metropolitan statistical areas in the US

  • 2022/05. New paper published in Chaos: Identifying the shifting sources predicts the dynamics of COVID-19 in US.

  • 2021/12. New paper published in Nature Communications Physics and recently represented on their cover art: Country distancing increase reveals the effectiveness of travel restrictions in stopping COVID-19 transmission.

  • 2021/07. Congratulations to Lu Zhong and Jianxi Gao for receiving funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, COVID-19 Research Database, and  Health Care Cost Institute.

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